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What is the purpose of "Remember my login information" in the Log In box?
Why show unavailable items on the web site?
Why are there buttons in the web site in places where I expect to already see information?
What is a Waiting List, and why should I still reserve flasks?
What is the "Type" mentioned in the offerings?
Is there any way to get around the browser messages that appear regarding security settings, or photos that won't load in Internet Explorer?
When doing a self-pollination, do I need to trade pollen?
May I use the photos from this web site?
How do I know when a capsule is ready to harvest?
Why does my Shipping Information expire periodically?
My email address has changed, how do I change my registration so that it has the new address?
How long does it take for seedlings to grow large enough to bloom?
How do I make a Wish List in my User Information?
My chances of getting a flask don't look very good, what can I do about it?
I don't want a whole flask, can I just get one plant?
Do you have any flasks that are ready to ship, right now?
Once I have requested notification or reserved a flask, how long until I get it?
Why was there a flask price increase in April of 2008, and how does it affect me?
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