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FAQ: Why does my Shipping Information expire periodically?
Why does my Shipping Information expire periodically?

Because we are shipping live plants, it's important for us to know when you will be able to receive them. In the past we emailed people prior to shipping to check, but this has caused so many delays (simply because some people don't check their email often) that we now know it is impractical.

We ask people to periodically update us, via the "Edit your User Information" button, regarding dates that they can't receive plants, and also to confirm that their shipping address hasn't changed. This information must have an expiration date selected by the user, or we couldn't assume that it is still current.

When the Shipping Information Expiry Date is approaching, we'll send you an email reminder to visit the site and extend the expiration date.

If the shipping information has expired, or there is NO ENTRY in either the shipping address or the "DO NOT SHIP" schedule, you will be passed over in the reservation list and you might lose the chance of getting a flask if they are in short supply.

On the other hand, if we have a flask that is ready and your Shipping Information is current and complete, we will ship the flask to you and inform you by email that it is on its way. If the flask is ready but your "DO NOT SHIP" schedule shows that you won't be able to receive it, we will hold the flask specifically for you and ship it to arrive after your no-ship date.

The expiry date that you can select is anywhere from 4 weeks to 24 weeks in the future. This allows you to choose a time period in which you are certain of your no-ship dates. We don't allow expiry any further out than 6 months.


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