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International Issues If you are outside of the United States, there are issues with CITES and Phytosanitary requirements when getting flasks shipped to you.
Caring for Seedlings Removed from Flasks and A Method of Compotting in Sphagnum What we do when the plants get moved from the flask to the pot, with watering guidelines and a suggested potting method.
Thoughts on Pollination by Dale Borders Dale Borders wrote this piece when I asked him if he'd like to share some thoughts about pollination.
Early Growth Habit of Coryanthes Seedlings Like a few other species, most Coryanthes and some Gongora seedlings have a growth habit that is quite different from the older plants. This makes them somewhat perplexing and a bit challenging to grow if you don't know what to expect.
Compotting Certain Tolumnia Species Some Tolumnia species don't get big in the flask, instead they develop long, daisy-chained growth
Compotting Flaskling "Divots" When grown in flask, some orchid seedlings develop a large amount of root material, but not much "top" material.
Potting Deciduous Flasklings Some species have dead plant matter attached to them when removed from the flask - how to deal with this
Pollination of Orchids in the Genus Coryanthes Some orchids, because of their specialized pollination mechanism, require a little extra effort. This photo essay may help you understand even simple pollinations though, because of the close look at the structures involved.
Pollination of the Slipper Orchids The slipper orchids (Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Cypripedium, and Mexipedium) have a flower structure quite different from most other orchids. This article tells how to find your way in a pollination.
Pollination Technique - A Primer If you are new to orchid pollination, a look at these common orchid structures will get you on the right path.
FAQ: I don't want a whole flask, can I just get one plant? If you don't want to get whole flask here's why you might change your mind, or how to get just one plant.
Capsule Drying and Seed Preparation Here's one method to get seed ready for shipping.
Contacting Meyers Conservatory Email and mailing information.
Flasking Programs Got seed? Got plants you are about to pollinate? Read about our Free and Proprietary flasking programs.
Why our Flasking Program is Different Because orchid species conservation is our key concern, our policies, methods, and pricing are different from most other flasking labs.
How to Reserve and Purchase Flasks and Plants How to sign up to get flasks, and why you usually get them later, not immediately. How to order plants from our greenhouse.
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