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  Testimonials about Meyers Conservatory  
  What our customers and donors are saying about our orchid species conservation flasking program.  
In December of 2009 an author who was going to write an article about orchid conservation which would mention our operation asked if we had any "testimonials" that he might include. While we had received may complimentary comments I've never asked permission to repeat them. So, I wrote to plant recipients and seed donors asking if they could help out. The response was remarkable, and I decided to devote a page to them, since only a few might be used in the article. I'll continue to add to this page as time goes on.

The best part of this is that I found out that people really do understand what we are trying do, and what matters to us.... and that they feel the same way.   -Troy
  I have worked with Troy and his Orchid Conservatory since the beginning both
as a pod contributor and as a recipient of his flasks and in all cases this
has been a great and enjoyable experience. As well as it has enabled me to
get some rare orchids that are not always available commercially. The flasks
are always well grown and the plantlets are of exemplary quality. Also with
him doing the deflasking it is very easy to pot up the seedlings into
community pots as soon as they are received. I would buy more from him, but
alas there is only so much room in a 8ft square greenhouse.

Gideon Singer
I have always been interested in species diversity. Through the seed donation program, Meyers Conservatory provides orchid species with more diversity than I find with typical line-breeding programs. For me, the flowers don't always need to be the biggest or boldest in color to be special.

Jay D. Klock, Simply Orchids
  Hi Troy,

I would like to express my appreciation for the unique mission of
Meyers Conservatory which supports the perpetuation of orchid species,
many that are unusual or difficult to find. My experience is that the
quality of your flasks are top notch, and the service is stellar. I
look forward to a continuing relationship, which is one of reciprocity
in the long term conservation of many species.

Bill Zimmerman
I can honestly say that my dealings with Meyers Conservatory have been hands down some of the most pleasant and rewarding I've experienced over many years of being an orchid hobbyist. Troy is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly personable.
I have referred many, many people to the Meyers Conservatory website, and each of them has formed a similar impression. Troy's name is bandied among my friends as being 'the' person to contact to purchase quality plants and for unsurpassed advice on growing and cultivating orchids.

Aileen La Bouff
  Meyers Conservatory performs a unique and valuable service in making
rare and unusual orchids available to hobbyists. The plants are always
healthy and vigorous, and have always grown beautifully for me. I have
received plants that were available nowhere else. Making these plants
available means that a greater population will be available in the
future, thus contributing to the survival of these plants.

As amazing or even more amazing than the orchids that are available
is the way Troy operates his web site. It is nothing short of
unbelievable. Dealing with him is like no other internet experience.
He uses software far superior to commercial sites. You always get
immediate communications regarding every aspect of a transaction. He is
remarkably conscientious. I don't know how he does it. Dealing with
Troy is far and away the best experience you can have on the internet,
not only with respect to orchids, but with respect to anything.

Louis Schulman
Tampa, Florida
By way of a testimonial, I can say that Meyers Conservatory has only the
most professional and beautiful orchids available.

Tony Bruno
  I've never been disappointed by the healthy and robust "established
seedlings" raised by Troy and his coworkers. They precisely describe
the size of the plant and communication is excellent. I'll remain a
repeat customer. My hat is off to them for making these species
available to the hobbyist.

Bleecker Springs
As an avid orchid fancier, I've had several occasions to use and recommend
to others the services of Meyers Conservatory, always with the utmost
satisfaction and pleasure. Plants and/or flasks are always healthy and as
described. Plus the helpful compot instructions on the website are
invaluable, as are the instructions for harvesting and preparing seed pods.

Sandy Hardy
Savannah, GA
  I have been growing Troy's seedling since 2002 and without a doubt they are the
most unusual, rare and highest quality plants I have purchased. Troy's selection
of unusual species plants is second to none. I have had very good luck with the
seedlings out of flask and have even produced second generation adult plants
from rare seedling obtained from Troy and re-propagated through Troy's lab.
Unflasking and growing out seedlings is a very tough and extremely long term
proposition so you have to start with very good stock. Troy has that stock.

Dave Siegrist
What better way to ensure the survival of orchid species, than to flask donations of seed species from generous orchid growers. That is what Troy Meyers has dedicated his life and business to. He flasks many orchid species in an effort to perpetuate the many wonderful species that the world loves. He does it in a responsible manner, by only replating as much as his clients require to keep redundency in check and not over producing. I love paphiopedilum species and asked Troy to set aside a replate of paph. callosum. The seedlings were incredibly vigorous and are now exploding out of the compots that I placed them in. I can't recommend Troy and his services more highly...Larry Sisselman
  I discovered Meyers Conservatory ( a couple of years ago and have been a devout customer ever since. As a collector of orchid species mainly from the Philippines, I am so happy to have a source of plants and flasks that haven't been collected in the jungle. I have been very happy with the quality of the flasks and the plants that I have purchased. And the nicest surprise is that his web site and ordering and reservation system is simply excellent. It is refreshing to see technology used to the fullest by an orchid nursery!

Peter Brown
Fremont CA
As a means of obtaining hard to find species, Meyers Conservatory is unrivaled. The quality of the plants that I have received is superb and the ability to flag so many different species of interest makes the search for the orchids on my most wanted list not even a challenge.
-Tanner Singleton
  Dear Troy --

I cannot say enough good things about the work that you are doing for the preservation and protection of orchid species throughout the world. I have been please to avail myself of your services both for germinating orchid seeds and for purchasing plants for my collection. While most of the world focuses on the various and beautiful hybrids that have been bred you continue to protect and nurture the parentage upon which they rest. Please keep up this very important work.

Sincerely, Fr. William Graham, O.F.M. Cap.
Aloha Troy,
I would like to commend you and your staff for the most professional way
that we here at Lowe's Orchids have been treated by you over the years. From
the first order that we placed in February of 2004 you have answered our
questions; provided an excellent selection of species orchids to choose
from; taken the utmost care in the packing and shipping of our plants and
have given us an opportunity to be active participants in the conservation
of species orchids. We not only buy plant materials from you but we have
been able to donate seed to further the conservation effort.
We agree wholeheartedly with your approach to the conservation of orchid
species and are glad to have had the privilege of joining with you in the
conservation effort over the years. We look forward to the future and our
continuing relationship.Thanks for all that you and your staff have

Best regards,
Clayton L. Lowe
Lowe's Orchids
  Meyers Conservatory has provided wonderful opportunities to obtain unusual orchids. The owner and founder, Troy Meyers, seems to have undertaken an extensive, highly commendable and remarkable task of orchid conservation. He is an individual with a high degree of integrity and quickly responds to queries and is extraordinarily fair . It's been a pleasure to do business with him in the past, and I have every expectation to do the same in the future.
JoAnne Klein
Lebec, CA
I have had the good fortune to live just a few miles from the Meyers Conservatory and have visited on many occasions. I was always impressed by the friendliness of Troy and his employees and his love of orchids. We spent many afternoons with Troy showing me his prized collection and the expanding greenhouse he was building. I was also impressed with the professionalism. The onsite laboratory for culturing the orchids was amazing. And the advice I received as a neophyte orchid grower was invaluable.


David Denny, Evergreen Productions
  All of my experience with Meyers Conservatory has been very positive.


I am grateful for the personalized service that I have received from Meyers
Conservatory. The flask of paphiopedilum orchids that I ordered are doing
great and I cannot wait to order more.

Joshua Bookman
  What I most admire of Meyers Conservatory is not only the quality of their orchids, but the personal care, and warmth I'm able to perceive through our communication.

Hugo Moreira Spanish Professor at James Madison University, Harrisonburg Va.
The Troy Meyers Laboratory provides and important service to hobbyists and
expert growers alike by making available new, rare, and common species
accessible. By this, the laboratory provides an important function in the
conservation of species though donation of seed by participants all over the
world. In essence helping ensure the future of many species at risk in the
wild, through wider cultivation in propagated plants. I support Troy's
service through donations and will continue to purchase flasks from his

Brett Lindsay Moloney
I have been a customer and also be a donor.
Meyers Conservatory is helpful and friendly. It provides a vital service for
orchid conservation.
Keep up the good work

Waiman Cheung
I am a hobby orchid grower and tried crossing two of my cattleyas. It worked! now what do I do?
Troy at Meyers Conservatory came to my rescue. He answered my questions, tested my seed, and a
year later presented me with three flasks of baby orchids! Not all survived, but that's on me.
I now have 40 healthy babies from one to three inches tall and can hardly wait for their first
I highly recommend Troy and his lab for their friendliness, professionalism, and help to me,
a beginner. Without his service, I would not have succeeded with my orchid cross.

Teresa Lee Moneymaker
  I highly recommend Meyers Conservatory as a source for species flasks and seedlings. They are one of the few and last vendors who are propagating rare and unusual Orchid species. Their work is so important as more and more species are either endangered or extinct in the wild.
The 2 community pots of seedlings I received were in excellent condition and very healthy. The flask I ordered was deflasked and shipped in a special baggie. They arrived in perfect condition! The flask seedlings were of good size, healthy, and with strong roots.
They are very well organized and communicate often on status of the order.

Peter T. Lin
Diamond Bar, California
Very hardy, healthy and robust seedling flasks which always yield more seedlings than listed. A pleasure to buy property id'd seedlings in flask with photos of both parents !!!! Jan Smyth
  When I recieved my shipment today of Laelia anceps and Catteya mendelii, I
was floored as to how many plants there were in each group!!! Thanks, Troy,
for the great plants!!!! Tony E Wells
Three things that I like about the Troy Meyers Conservatory.

1) Excellent assortment of hard-to-find species.
2) Healthy high-quality plants both from flask and greenhouse grown.
3) Great system for communication.

R. Timothy Tomaselli
  I would recommend the Meyers conservatory to everyone. All my compots had fresh and healthy seedlings acclimated to my Gulf growing conditions. I would say this about your nursery:

Meyers Conservatory is a good place to to fall in love with species orchids. If you are not sure about growing an orchid compot, you can purchase, for a nominal fee, a robust seedling to evaluate its cultivation characteristics. Currently I'm attempting to collect one of all the Vanda species as well as collect Madagascarine orchids, many which are difficult to find.

Some of the more readily available species are line bred examples or noted subspecies.
Troy works hard to insure that a species will bloom true to its tag, and occasionally he will ask the subscribers to help him identify an orchid, which is when I ask Marv Ragan or Francisco Miranda to weigh in on this good-natured discussion. I'm glad that we can have a discussion like this because new orchid species are still recently being described (as Francisco recently did). You might find yourself the owner of a newly described seedling.

Nancy E. Barton, A Garden of Earthly Delights Nursery
I have been purchasing plants from Troy at Meyers Conservatory for about
five years and the quality of the plants has been excellent. The service is
way above average, something other online dealers should strive to match.
The selection of plants that are donated is wonderful. All I can say is I
hope Meyers Conservatory will be around for many years, the orchid world
really needs this service.

Michael Sielaff, Rainbow Bay Orchids
  Troy, I purchased my 1st flask, from you. I was more than pleased. The
plants were healthy, packaged well, larger than expected, as well as having
more plants than was estimated. I have since purchased several flasks from
other sources, and was not as happy. Some were so tiny, that they couldn't even be
handled. Needless to say, my next purchase will be from Troy Meyers.
Thanks, John Benish
When I wanted to attempt seedlings for the first time, Troy Meyers
Conservatory was incredibly helpful in helping me select the proper variety
suitable for beginners. I was incredibly pleased with the responsiveness
and customer service, as well as the quality of the plants I received. I
found that their team was available for questions and promptly replied to
all of my emails and concerns. In addition, their website has a very
thorough analysis of the care and propagation of many orchids, complete
with pictures for understanding.

Although I had never ordered seedlings before, I had ordered dozens of
plants via the internet, and the seedlings I received were in better
condition than many of the larger, older plants I received through other
sources. The seedlings are starting month 5 and are thriving, I believe,
based on the education and guidance I have received from Troy and his team.
I would recommend their services to beginners and more experienced Orchid
enthusiasts alike!

Thank you,
Bryna Podwoiski
  Meyers Conservatory was instrumental in flasking of orchid species for our research project on the island of Saba in the Netherland Antilles. In addition to their outstanding service and attention to details such as deflasking and bagging prior to shipment, Troy and his staff provided the "extra mile" of flasking species that had low viability in order that we would be able to monitor in-situ growth of naturalized Saban species. I would recommend Meyers Conservatory to anyone requiring first class flasking services. Much of our research would not have been accomplished without them.

Stewart Chipka, Director
Saba Biological Research Foundation
It's been so long ago now that I can't remember how I stumbled across
the Meyers Conservatory but ever since I have been blessed with the
opportunity to grow orchids from seedlings and had the satisfaction of
seeing them prosper under my nurturing. I am so happy and fortunate
that companies like this exist to help maintain orchid species and to
foster understanding about their culture. Thanks Troy, you have been
more than helpful in answering all of my questions and helping me become
a better orchid grower!

Kevin Dillon
  Having been a collector of orchids for over 35 years, I have observed the
availability of species become more-and-more limited due to habitat
destruction and uncontrolled development, as well as the imposition of
regulations that are supposed to prevent the exploitation of endangered
species, but actually forces people in undeveloped locales to rip the plants
from the wild and sell them to unscrupulous resellers in order to eke out a
living. Plants that were once "catalog staples" are no longer available to
the collector, and may not even continue to exist in the wild.

Fortunately, we are lucky enough to have the Meyers Conservatory offering a
free flasking service, allowing those of us that already have species in our
collections to easily have the seed capsules cultured and the plants shared
with others, thereby guaranteeing - to a limited degree - that the plant
population will continue to exist and not be lost forever.

Ray Barkalow
First Rays LLC
I think the conservatory is wonderful! Its a great place to get plants you sometimes can't find elsewhere. The prices are reasonable too especially considering that some of these plants are quite rare.

I joined the Conservatory originally in 2005 and after a short hiatus from orchids, returned this year. I have to say my flasks and plants have always arrived in top condition. They are always very carefully packed so that even in cold weather, the plantlets arrive warm and healthy. Troy has always been willing to help with cultivation questions as well and is just a nice person to deal with.

Eventually I hope to have seed to donate. I highly recommend Meyers Conservatory to anyone who grows orchids!

Shere Crossman
  Meyers Conservatory has a terrific web site. Customer service is also
top notch. But the most important aspect of Meyers Conservatory is the
role it plays in orchid conservation: growing and distributing
species. For a very reasonable fee, anyone can have their seed pod sown
and grown ... any excess is sold to the public. A great business
model!! A great contribution to the orchid community!!

Dwight Lewis
Ann Arbor, MI
Over the years I have used countless sources for flasking. I can honestly
say, as a testimonial, however, that the results with Troy were the best of
the bunch-I do not remember even one episode where he failed in getting
growth. For the species, the amateur could hardly do better, as he always gave
you one free flask and the rest were his. The amateur hobbyist could hardly do

Wilford Neptune
  Meyers Conservatory may be the U.S.'s single best source for species of orchids as well
as a major contributor to the conservation effort in reducing the need to import
species from their countries of origin.

The quality of seedlings from my submitted seed pods has been beyond expectation.
There is comfort in knowing someone out there is providing a professional
program that actively continues the conservation effort through propagation.

Meyers Conservatory provides an affordable flasking service for hybrids as well, making
it affordable to the amateur breeder. Their service is delightful, prompt and completely

(Charles Wilson is an AOS and OD member, has been growing orchids for over 30 years,
and is a past-president of the Memphis Orchid Society.  He is Zoo Director Emeritus of
the Memphis Zoo where he continues to volunteer leading safaris for conservation.)

Charles G. Wilson
Dear Troy,
Your company is one of the best in the world, if we are looking for rare
species and natural forms.
We do hope,that you will continue your ambitious work.
Best regards
Jardim Orquidea
Foundation "Josef Pregetter"

I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate your service. I have purchased several flasks from you and everyone arrived in great conditions and the plants are thriving. I also have used your website extensively as a research tool to see pictures, descriptions, and cultivation conditions for various species of orchids. If you did nothing else that is a great contribution. But perhaps your most important contribution to orchid conservation is your propagation of such a wide variety of species and the making available to orchid lovers of flasks at such a reasonable cost. This is a service both to orchid enthusiasts but more importantly to orchids themselves as it broadens the cultivation of species and therefore helps preserve that heritage in the face of habitat loss.

Thank you so much,

Scott Forrest
Let me tell you about Meyers Conservatory. My first encounter was
surprising, to say the least. I had ordered orchid flasks of various sizes
from various labs and received them within a week or so. But after placing
my first order with Meyers I was really upset to be notified that many
items on my order were not available or there were not enough to fill my
order. Then I got really ticked off and whipped off a note to Troy. He
calmly explained to me how the system works and referred me to the many
available informational pages on the website. Of course, I had been too busy
to read all that. But if I had stopped to think about it logically, Meyers
Conservatory would have to be housed in a football-field sized lab and grow
room to accommodate all the flasks for all the species they list. And where
do they get all the seed for that?

Troy is very patient with new customers, very knowledgeable and very
available to all. If I wrote him a note I could be sure I'd get a response
within a day, usually a couple of hours or less, and I could be sure the
response was accurate. As busy as he must be to run the business, he always
has the time to respond personally to a customer.

Meyers Conservatory depends on donations of orchid seed from customers. In
return you receive a free flask of seedlings, pre-cleaned and ready to
compot as long as you supply a picture of the flower pollinated. Let's face
it, pictures sell and that is very true in the orchid business. I know of no
place that has as extensive a list of orchids as Meyers. This is due to the
huge variety of species grown by customers who really want to help propagate
the exotic orchid species rarely or never seen in other establishments.

There is always a limited number of flasks available from one orchid capsule
so you do have to learn how to play the ordering game. Species are listed as
available when the seed germinates. So go over the new listings frequently
and place your reservations quickly or someone will grab it before you get a
chance. One caveat to that is you are committed to purchasing that flask as
soon as it has grown enough to ship. The quality of the flasks is
unsurpassed in the industry and I've ordered from many places.

As with every business during these economic times, Meyers Conservatory is
fighting for survival. Dedicated customers join with Troy to promote the
spread of scarce and rare orchid species through artificial propagation.
Many of these orchids would never be available to the orchid community if it
weren't for the dedication of Troy Meyers and his equally dedicated lab

Gareth Wills
  The Troy Meyers Conservatory has been of great help in assisting me with
germinating of a couple of very rare species of orchids from seed.

Something to note is that the seeds for both species I provided were very small in

Philip Shin
Troy- That flask was incredible. The plants- and there are many...more than
expected- are all healthy with extraordinary roots. My last flask has
already had its first blooming plant...more should bloom this year. I'm also
glad that my seedlings are available to any who want them. You provide an
invaluable service for hobbiests who want to perpetuate species that are
currently at risk. Thanks so much!
Regards, Eric Muehlbauer
  I have been using Troy Meyers Consevatory for years as a source for quality
species and healthy plants, and at extremely low cost. They provide an
invaluable service in a world where habitat is constantly under
encroachment, ensuring the continuity of species in cultivation which may
often cease to exist in the wild. Few individuals have the resources for in
vitro reproduction of orchid species, and so without the service they
provide most of these plants would never be propagated and widely
disseminated, a guarantee of species survival in cultivation.

Tennis Maynard
Meyers Conservatory fits a unique niche in the orchid world! Their
program makes it simple for growers such as myself to buy orchid species and
donate seed pods. It has been my pleasure in assisting them with these
wonderful conservation measures.

Peter Cataldo
  I have been an avid orchid grower for several years, and have purchased many orchids from online vendors in the past. However, Troy Meyers Conservatory is truly one of the gems of orchid world, especially when one wishes to specialize in orchid species. I stumbled upon Troy's website one day and was instantly mesmerized; the variety of orchid flasks seemed endless and their list of seedlings was equally amazing. Being cautious, however, I asked my many orchid friends whether they had ever ordered from Troy's website. The answer was unanimous: the quality of the plants, the prices, and the customer service cannot be beat. As a plus, they informed me that Troy's mission is the conservation of orchid species.

I spent days choosing orchid flasks of Cattleyas, Laelias, Renantheras, Stanhopeas-- endless lists of species. I impatiently waited for the question mark to turn into a green smiley face; and for the excellent team at Troy's to send me an e-mail notification of an upcoming shipment. My friends warned me that seedlings from the flask would be delicate and very tiny, and not to expect huge plants. I received an initial shipment of Laelias and to my surprise and delight, the plants arrived in excellent condition, and most seedlings were surprisingly large. The established seedlings from Troy's are of similar excellent quality. I've received Stanhopeas, Angraecums, Vandas, more Laelias and Cattleyas. Without exception, they have all arrived in pristine condition.

Not only is the quality of the orchids exemplary, but Troy has put together a website full of helpful information for us species nuts. There are amazing pictures and very detailed information as to the parentage of each flask and seedling, culture information from the Baker's Culture sheets, and other general growing tips. Troy's customer service is also top-notch. My endless questions are met with timely, helpful and patient answers--always. What else can I say? Troy Meyers Conservatory has indeed set the standard in the orchid world.

Maria Valle-Peters
Miami, Florida
Over the years I have purchased many flasks and established seedlings
from Meyers Conservatory. I have never been disappointed. The
quality of all the plants I have received has been excellent. The
shipping and overall service impeccable. I highly recommend Meyers
Conservatory to any orchid enthusiast as a great source of flasks and
established plants at very reasonable prices.

All the best,

Zachary I Hodes, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I.
  Under any circumstances your focus on providing propagation services
for species grown from seed is a example of not only providing often
rare species to the orchid community, but is a superb display of a
high ethical standard and extreme dedication to species and their
perpetuation. Without the Troy Meyers Conservatory there would be
tremendous and probably unsustainable pressure on wild populations of
orchids, but you provide healthy, vigorous, and often rare species and
flasking services at reasonable prices. After several hundred orders,
I have and will continue to highly recommend your plants to serious
collectors, and your propagation services to serious breeders.

Paul J. Johnson

As a result of your tireless efforts in propagation of orchid species, you
provide an invaluable source to the orchid community, as well as to the
wider botanical community. I have bought many species plants from you over
the years and they all have been excellent quality. Thank you.

James Marchand
Boston, MA
  I've been involved with orchids for over 40 years of my life. When my
orchid clients inquire about purchasing quality flasks for their collections,
or donating seed pods, without question I always recommend Meyers
Conservatory. Top notch, professional and superior in quality to all others, they
are my first and ONLY choice.

As someone that makes orchid growing and caring his business, I can
recommend without reservation Meyers Conservatory as the premium location for
superior, strong seedlings.

Steve Miciak, South Tampa Orchid Professor.
Meyers Conservatory has great customer service, their plants match the
descriptions, delivery is prompt and the plants arrive in good

Carlos Ramirez Cruz
  Meyers Conservatory provides a wide selection of orchid species. The 100's of seedlings we have purchased from them are healthy and well established. We are very happy to do business with them.
Valerie van der Meer and Michael Kunz
I have been a customer of the Meyers Conservatory for many years. Their
mission is to propagate orchid species from seed. Over the years they have
made available many seedlings of unusual and rare orchid species to their
customers at a very modest price. They quality of the seedlings is first
rate. You can buy the seedlings with a clear conscious because you know they
were sustainably produced. No orchids were ripped from the jungle,
everything is seed grown. I have bought nearly a hundred different species
from the Meyers Conservatory, a few of which can be found nowhere else in the
USA. I am satisfied, and when I have a species I want to propagate from
seed I will be sure to use their flasking services.
Leo Schordje
  Hi Troy,

Please feel free to let others know that I have always been pleased
with the plants I've purchased from you. Even more, I have always been
impressed with your prompt replies to my emails, and your service in

Dorothy Potter Barnett
I am what can be taken for a hobbyist with limited resources to devote to the raising of orchids. For me, the making of a cross and turning seed to seedling for a new creation is a dream and is something I would find a challenge that from my own inexperience would prove questionable. I was gratified to learn that Meyers Conservatory was willing to indulge the small hobbyist with their expertise and efforts to help make my dream a reality.

Respectfully submitted, Frank Berezovytch
  I have always recommended you to other orchid growers and new orchid growers who like a challenge.  As the orchids come nicely packed, in good shape and no problems.  It gives the small seedlings a chance to survive.  In ordering flasks the plants are removed and kept in a good condition, box with a heat packet to ensure survival during the winter months.  The conservatory also doesn't ship in poor weather conditions. 
Most of all, they have been a reliable source of information in many ways from identification of photographs of wild orchids to reidentification of missed named orchids.  As well as suggestions to optimize growing conditions for the home enthusiast.
Andrea W.
A little over ten years ago, Meyers Conservatory got its start- in
some small part, I'd like to think, with the assistance of a pre-pub
copy of my own book on growing orchid seeds. Today, Troy's lab is the
model of plant conservation through propagation, providing growers
with sorely-needed services within a commercial framework that
encourages the culture of species plants. From a humble start has
emerged a business in which Meyers Conservatory has become the
leading resource for hobbyist flasking in the United States, and an
example for flasking labs everywhere. Growers are encouraged to ask
what they can do in terms of supporting these efforts.

-Aaron J. Hicks, The Orchid Seedbank
  Troy has tenaciously kept his dream of distributing orchid species
alive through the thick and thin of the worst financial crisis this
Nation and many orchid growers have ever experienced. Troy collects
orchid seed from a worldwide community of orchid growers for
tremendous variety of orchid species without regard for commercial
viability in the hopes of maintaining viable, cultivated gene
pools. This is, of course, crucial given the rapid demise of many
orchid habitats through the encroachment of man. Troy fills a unique
and valuable purpose in the horticultural community.

Arnold Gum
Great place to buy orchids seedlings! A wide assortment of species and they always get to you in great shape.
It's good to know that such a place exists, and the fact that they are helping conserve our precious orchids. I can't say enough great things about Meyers Conservatory!

Thanks Troy

Raymond Savoie
  Troy Meyers Conservatory is top notch! I cannot recommend any one better
than them.

With extremely friendly service, fantastic flask selections
and unbelievably healthy plants they have ensured that I'll be a customer
for a very long time!

Matthew Stephenson
Meyers Conservatory propagated my Encyclia tampensis and has always
been very prompt and courteous in keeping me updated about their
progress. The website also taught me how to pollinate Paphiopedilums
and now I'm producing my own crosses, which they are also propagating
for me. I would sincerely recommend Meyers Conservatory to other

Jeff Hatfield
Laurel, Maryland
  Emerald Bay Orchids
Van Ewert, Owner
5172 Matt Hair Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28312

December 3, 2009

Testimonial Letter for
Troy Meyers
Meyers Conservatory

Gentlemen / Ladies:

This letter is in support of the work and product available from Meyers Conservatory in the form of orchid flasks. The Conservatory supports an ongoing program of preservation of species through an extensive effort of seeding and germination in flask. The mother flasks are then replated into Flasks that are placed on sale and are available to those orchid growers and collectors of these fine and frequently rare species orchids. It has been my experience that the mature plants used in this program are of the best clones available, many grown in the conservatory and others contributed by growers of reputation and quality.

Once the flask seedlings have reached a sufficient size, the plants are removed from the flask and placed into a sealed bag for shipment to the customer. The sealed bags are treated to ensure that they arrive fresh, unblemished and clean – ready for immediate planting into an appropriate media selected by the grower. Of the 8 flasks that I have personally purchased during the last 6 months, I have been pleased with the quality and quantity of the received product. Not a single ‘bagged’ flask has been damaged or received in other than superb condition.

Meyers Conservatory runs a ‘tight ship’, carefully keeping records of buyers and their individual requests and orders for these select orchid flasks. Being a record keeper myself, I can only appreciate the effort required and skillfully executed by Troy Meyers. The website is well maintained and easy to use.

I would conclusively and highly recommend that serious growers of orchids – those with some familiarity growing orchid seedlings on from the flask stage take advantage of this exceptional prospect to add fine and rare orchids to their collections or otherwise make these plants as seedlings available to their orchid society friends or orchid customers. Mature seedlings are also offered for sale for those growers not willing to chance growing from tiny seedlings. These fair-priced plants are of good size for the average grower and should do well under proper care.
It is becoming more and more difficult to get valued orchid plants from their actual country of origin and this option to add plants that would not be easily located or purchased should be definitely considered. I believe that you can trust and enjoy a purchase from Meyers Conservatory.

Thank you, Meyers Conservatory

Respectfully submitted,

Van Ewert
An Orchid Grower for 40 years, Hybridizer for 25 years, and actively
supporting conservation of all orchid species.
   It has been a pleasure doing business with you over the last few years. I would like to thank you and your staff for all the work on flasking my Paph. hybrids & the few species that I have sent in!!  When I started breeding Paphs. I had no idea how much work was involved in the flasking process, I did some research & you had been highly recommended. You have worked with me on everything from the seedpods to the finished flasks. I hope that you will keep on doing what you have been for many years to come. The orchid conservation for species that you & your staff are doing will last for a long time.
I tell everyone that I use you for all of my flasking services.
Thank You Again!!!!
Thomas Martin
Catskill Mountain Orchids
  I have used Troy Meyers Conservatory many times over the years. I have often referred his services to many in my Orchid Community and newbies just getting started as an excellent source for orchids and their preservation.
This Conservatory is not only a vital resource to many, but they also encourage the preservation of many species and discourages the practice of stripping the rainforests world wide in an effort to obtain much sought after Orchids!!!!
We all must make an effort to help preserve these beautiful and precious plants. Thus by supporting Conservatories like Troy Meyers we further that cause. We must not fail in our efforts, as there are so few conservatories our there who put as much effort in this process as Troy and his staff do.
The plants that I have received from him has always been packaged with care, free from disease and in pristine condition. I have them all to this day. If I have lost any it is due to my negligence.
Thank goodness for the web site that provides a wealth of information on Orchids for the novice as well as the enthusiast. I pray it continues to grow and provide those precious plants and flowers for many generations to discover and many more years to come.
Leticia Metcalfe
Hi Troy,

The plant is really robust! You must have a very meticulous operation there in Poulsbo.

It's great work you are doing with supporting seed propagation.

Brian Lym
  Dear Troy and Company:

I have used your service for over 5 years. The reason for the repeated use is your personal and excellent service with both my orchid seed and the flask and seedling offerings you offer. Your website has been recommended to friends looking for knowledge of types of orchids and selection. Your support of various seed saving or propagation for species is very commendable. All the above is why I continue to support your efforts thru my repeated use/purchases. Although you run a business it is easy to see it is also personal from my dealings with you and your company.

I wish you much future success,
Lawrence Causak
Many orchid species have little chance of being preserved in the wild
and must be introduced and maintained in cultivation if they are not to
disappear. Troy Meyers is dedicated to making such preservation both possible
and easy for any one who possesses any rare orchid species and for those
who wish to acquire them. And he combines this noble purpose with
state-of-the-art reproduction facilities and techniques -- a necessary combination.
The orchid-growing community owes him a tremendous debt of gratitude.

David L. Grove, Ph. D.
  I purchased a tiny Epidendrum secundum from Meyers about 5 years ago. The plant has matured beautifully without much help from me! It blooms constantly and has never disappointed me with it's beauty. This has to be the easiest orchid on the planet for someone to grow. I have been very pleased with the few orchids I have purchased from Meyers and always recommend them to those interested in growing orchids.

Maxine Mann
My son Peter and I grew orchids for several years, and wanted to try growing
some from seed from our plants. The first seed we sent to a place in
California, and after the first confirmation that they received the seed and
would plant it we heard nothing more. (They did have a large forest fire in
that area soon after the last message we had.) We wanted to try again, and
meanwhile heard about Meyers Conservatory, and sent seed there. We were
totally happy with the messages we received about health of the seed and
progress growing, and were thrilled when we received beautiful, healthy
seedlings along with great directions for potting them. Our experience with
Meyers was much more than just satisfactory, and I heartily recommend them!

Patricia Thomas
  Meyers Conservatory offers excellent, hard to find species in flask and
seedlings. The prices are very reasonable. All of the plants be they
de-flasked seedling or already grown in greenhouse seedlings have been
wonderful plants.
Richard F. Dryden
Skyline Orchids
I want to thank Meyers Conservatory for responding to my request
to have my seed pods flasked so quickly and with lots of
information. I had seed pods on a hardy Cypripedium pubescens
plant. Even though I was informed how difficult it might be to
attempt, Troy gave me information on how to harvest the pods so we
could try. I emailed Troy several times as I was unsure if the pods
were ready and if my photos were clear. He always responded promptly
and with lots of encouragement and advice. He was willing to attempt
flasking the seed and the company has kept me informed on when it
arrived and what to expect.

I would be glad to recommend Meyers Conservatory to anyone
needing this service. I also think this would be a good place for
orchid clubs and interested others to donate funds for orchid
conservation and preservation.

Judi Witkin
  Hi Troy, I want to congratulate you for the great service you are doing for conservation. By making such a wide range of seed-grown species--from select parents-- available to collectors at reasonable prices, you take away the incentive to strip jungles of their wild orchids. As a tropical biologist, I see our showiest species disappearing rapidly to supply the world market. You help put a brake on that, and we in the tropics are all grateful!

Keep at it!
Lou Jost
Meyers Conservatory is a great place to look for interesting orchid
species. The quality of their plants and flasks is outstanding, and
the sophistication of their website is unparalleled. I have never
received flasked seedlings that weren't uniform and very vigorous. If
it's possible to top that, the customer service and communication
with buyers is far above the norm!
charles ufford
oriskany, ny usa
  I have acquired seedling orchids from a variety of sources in the US. The
many that I have received from Troy Meyers have without fail been among the
best I've had the pleasure to pot up. On top of shipping out well grown
orchids, the communication before, during, and after every purchase has been
top notch.

Will Brown
As a relatively new hobbyist, I have had wonderful service and plants
from Meyers Conservatory. The website is filled with great
information for those who are new to orchid flasks. I have now
received 3 flasks from Meyers and every one has had a yield higher
than anticipated. One of the Dendrobium flasks yielded ~80 flasklings
with zero loss at this time.

The flasklings have been very healthy and immediately took off growing

I would recommend that anyone looking for flasks should visit Meyers
Conservatory as they have an extensive list of flasks and seedlings

Kind regards,
Melissa Garner
  I have purchased several flasks and seedlings from Meyers Conservancy
and have always received plants that are fantastic. They are always
packaged well and sent when requested. Seeds I sent for flasking were
also well grown and a very good deal. The communication is great with
questions answered quickly and fully. The mission of the Conservatory
is well worthwhile and I believe that the folks that work there are very
dedicated to their mission.

Patty Tyler
Dear Troy,

After many months of searching for obscure and rare orchid species, I found
exactly what I had been looking for on your website, which included very
detailed descriptions of habitat and culture in addition to hundreds of
species definitely not found at the big box stores! With an orchid
education and conservation project underway that included organizing twelve
kids ranging in age from 8 to 16, designing a display and setting up at an
orchid show, you really came through with shipping the last batch of
seedlings in time for us to get them potted up and on our way to winning a
few first place ribbons and a special award!

I was impressed with your skillful raising and careful shipping of the
dozens of seedlings I have purchased from you and for the many healthy flask
specimens as well. I was particularly impressed with your Whirl-Pak Bags!
These were much less intimidating than glass bottles and I would certainly
encourage anyone who is put off by other flasking methods to give this a

I wonder, without your services, how would we and our children be able to
grow and appreciate some of these beautiful species no longer existing in

Dale Roxanne McGraw
Orchid Goddess Orchids
  Dear Troy,

Having received several orders from Meyers Conservatory, I just wanted to voice my appreciation for not only the exceptional quality of both flasks and established plants, but also for the careful attention to the genetic sources for all plants that you produce.

It's invaluable to have a resource such as Meyers' that maintains Orchid species with scientific precision and can propagate and distribute them with a high degree of excellence and cost efficiency. Thanks so much.

Catherine Sayers
Department of Biology
CSU, Fresno
Fresno, CA
If you have not yet discovered Meyers Conservatory, you owe it to yourself to visit their website. Meyers offers an incredibly wide selection of species orchids--many of them are not readily available anywhere else. I have purchased both flasks and individual seedlings and have been pleased to consistently receive robust plants. Troy answers emails incredibly fast and is great to work with in general. Meyers Conservatory should be on the short list for anyone who loves species orchids.

Sarah Waddoups
  Great Company with a personal touch. Orchids always arrive better than I hoped for.

Robert Rogers
Over the years, I have purchased flasks of orchid seedlings from a number of individuals/businesses. While any number of these have proven satisfactory for hybrids, I can't say the same when it comes to locating quality flasks/seedlings of orchid species. I have always received top quality species seedlings from Troy at Meyers Conservatory. Couple that with the added bonus of knowing in advance exactly where you stand concerning flask/seedling requests and you have a combination hard to beat. Without any hesitation I recommend Meyers Conservatory too all orchid hobbyist/dealers as an outstanding source for a wide selection of quality orchid species.

Jerry Delaney
  The Meyers Conservatory provides an invaluable service to growers and the
orchid community in general. Every single plant in the last flask I
purchased was absolutely spotless and every seedling has survived from the
largest to the tiniest. The seed donor program represents the most tangible
and easy way to actually participate in orchid conservation that is
available to us. By ensuring a ready supply of rare orchid seedlings from
seed donations, the Meyers Conservatory not only provides a supply of source
material for possible future re-introductions, but also significantly
reduces the demand for wild-collected plants and thus the pressure on the
natural habitats.

Michael James Edwards
I am absolutely amazed at the care Troy Meyers puts in to shipping his plants to customers. The plants I ordered were in pristine condition. For the community pots, on my request he included the right number of pots that correspond with his article for transferring flask plants to compots to ensure success. Does it get any better that that for service?
Members of the Orchid Source Forum have had similar excellent experiences. Here is the thread from OSF that I started to highlight the high quality service Troy Meyers provides:
New Shipment from Troy Meyers

Troy Meyers is a premier orchid conservationist and an excellent source for the best species available in the world today without collecting wild plants.
Mike Bechtold
Alexandria, Virginia
  For orchid growers that enjoy growing species orchids from seedlings to mature plants Meyers Conservatory is the place to go. They have a great variety of quality orchid seedlings at reasonable prices. Their service is excellent, and their method of shipping the seedlings is outstanding.

George Weidman

Thank you for the plants! They are beautiful! They get here so quickly and they are in great shape due to your excellent packaging. You are amazing...truly!

Sheila Scott Blackwell
  For some years ago now I had the 'luck' to come in contact with Mr Troy Meyers, with his intelligent and clear Project on Orchid Conservation, as well as improvement of Orchid Species. Although so distant one from each other, internet made possible to receive his huge knowledge in this field, and to share some seeds and receive his flasks. At that time he was moving to a bigger, safer and well acondionted Conservatory. I was captivated at once for his clear ideas, his vast knowledge of most orchid genera and of course, his friendship. With no doubt, orchid growers around the world should take notice of his work. Thank you a lot, Troy.
Dr Juanjo Artazkoz (Tenerife - Canary Islands)
Troy Meyers has proven to be an excellent source for seed propagations of

Bill Hutchinson
  I have been doing business with Troy Meyers and Meyers Conservatory for the last three years and have enjoyed ordering plants and flasks of the highest quality from him at very fair prices. I only wish I had known about Meyers Conservatory long before I did.
Troy Meyers is one great businessman. Troy found a void in the orchid species market that was very much needed and he filled it. I applaud Troy for his hard work and unending dedication in orchid conservation.

Brian White
Probationary AOS Judge
Houston, Texas
I've been impressed with Meyers Conservatory's dedication to the propagation
of species orchids, and found the quality of their seedling flasks to be
excellent. They always seem to have some interesting varieties in flasks
that are ready to ship. Considering the variety of species, their hardiness
and sheer number of seedlings per flask, an enthusiast could fill up a
collection quickly.

Gene Marlin
  Hello, Troy and associates;
I would be happy to give a brief testimonial. I am a member of the Hilo Orchid Society, and I have told many friends and acquaintances about your conservatory and the opportunities there for obtaining flasks of healthy species of orchids. I like it in particular because Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture sometimes makes it difficult to import orchids because of their concern of introducing plant pests or diseases (they have been known to confiscate and destroy plants for this reason), but I have never had a problem with receiving the flasks from the Troy Meyers Conservatory. I have also tried to interest other orchid growers in sharing any species seed pods they may have with the Conservatory.

Sincerely, Diane Luoma
Troy Meyers Conservatory is The Best in the United States when it comes to Orchid culture/conservation. Mr Meyers has personally answered every one of my email questions in a timely and professional manner no matter how trite. his knowledge of Species and hybrids is unsurpassed, all due in part by learning from the best in the field, and through the sheer volume of Orchid Seed that he processes daily. The web page is a user friendly program that is easy to navigate. As a member of his mailing list (no fee) I get first dibs at what he has to offer, be it flasks, compots, or individual plants. Attention to plant safety through shipping is unsurpassed. One time iIhad ordered a few plants, but I had failed to update my shipping info. The plants sat on the doorstep of a stranger for a few days in the late fall. Even though they were packed with heat they were returned to the Conservatory looking a bit sad, he replaced the plants and re-sent them to the right address only asking for the shipping reimbursement charges not the plants replacement price. I thought that was a very fair and noble gesture.

Kind Regards,
Dino Macioci
  Troy -

While I have never received and flasks from your company, I have a great
deal of respect for what you accomplish. Yours is the only organization
truly focused on ex situ conservation of many orchid species that are all but
gone in the wild.

Thank you for your continued work, and I hope that it will always be there.

Brian Monk
Blu Llama Orchids, Inc.
I was extremely pleased with every aspect of ordering and receiving orchid
seedlings and flasks from Meyers Conservatory. Troy has streamlined the
processes with a state of the art web site. The site automates each step in
the order placement, payment and tracking processes. The website also
contains several tutorials explaining methods to grow the seedlings. Troy
is there in the background to personally answer customer questions and
manually process 'add-on' last minute orders should the need arise. My
package arrived within 3 days and was neatly packed with attractive
packaging materials.

I think the work that Troy is doing is crucial not only for the
preservation of endangered orchid species but also for providing a platform
for future generations of orchid hobbyist, many of whom know only mass
produced orchids sold at the big box stores and in the corner supermarket.

I was 100% satisfied with all aspects of my plant acquisition from Myers
Conservatory and would recommend Troy without qualification.

Jonathan Jones, Marlow Orchids
  As an orchid hobbiest, I was quite thrilled to learn of the Meyers Conservatory. The website is informative, and the services offered are excellent. I appreciate Troy's interest and efforts to promote the continuation of species orchids, as well as the flasking programs offered, all at affordable prices. Best of all, Troy takes the time to answer questions thoroughly and offer advice when I've asked for it. I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to attempt raising seedlings without his helpful guidance. It's exciting to see the flasks and seedlings available, and educational as well. Meyers Conservatory is a huge asset to the orchid community!

Diana Evans
Much like anyone smitten with orchids, my quest for the unusual and
exemplary led me through years of search and discovery. The explosion of
the internet gave me a much greater reach than I ever imagined, but it
seemed to make me realize how limited I was in what I could do and what was
available. As a hobbyist, I always wanted to try my hand at hybridizing
orchids. A number of years ago, I also became fascinated by native North
American species so I could grow them outdoors in Colorado. First, both
the technology and cost of raising orchids from seed was disturbing. And,
except for a handful of species, was anyone out there really working with
hardy orchids (especially those that can take a Zone 4 or 5)? Then I
discovered Meyers Conservatory. Troy Meyers is a gift from Heaven. Meyers
Conservatory took away all my fear of the technology of orchids-from-seed
(since they do it all) for a cost that is most affordable. At this site, I
have been able to discover donors who are interested in our American orchids
and acquire plants that are rarely (if ever) available elsewhere. Too, I've
been able to experiment with crosses that professionals would probably
disdain heartily or just plain laugh at ~ but they're my special oddities,
and Meyers Conservatory makes that happen. But there are other reasons I
really like this unique operation. I love the website. I've learned an
incredible amount about orchids just from cruising, viewing and reading. I
am impressed with the detailed information provided. I congratulate Meyers
Conservatory for their donor and share program that allows hobbyists like me
to be able to have a chance to acquire plants that others have provided. It
also makes me feel good that the seed I provide may give someone else just
what they might have been after. And, at Meyers Conservatory I really feel
like I'm a friend of the staff, not an order number or just a customer. I
always feel that my "stuff" is special at the Conservatory, and that I am
worth that special care.

Randal K. Thomas
  I first learned of Meyers Conservatory in 2002, when I was just beginning to grow orchids. I couldn't resist and reserved my first flasks, albeit with trepidation as I had no experience de-flasking and growing young orchids. The flasks that arrived were full of healthy, plump seedlings and did well from the start. As time passed, more and more flasks arrived, adding all kinds of unusual species into the collection. The flask sizes were perfect for me, as a hobbyist. I could keep several plants, and still have plenty left to give as trades and gifts to other growers.

The service Troy offers is irreplaceable. Many of the species are not commonly grown commercially and are difficult, if not nearly impossible, to come by. His flasking services are of excellent quality, and give hobby growers a place to have their species seed flasked. Thank you for the many wonderful flasks, and many nights up perusing the website and adding reservation upon reservation, knowing the delight I'll have when they arrive, and the continued delight of watching them grow, flourish, and bloom.

Thank you!

Rachael Adams
I, Hermann Amaya of St Petersburg, FL, have been doing business with Troy
Meyers Conservatory since its inception and their first shipment to me was
made on September 1st, 2001 while my first reservation was done on August
1st, 2000 and since then there have been numerous shipments of very high
quality orchid plantlets and flasks which have kept my collection viable for
all these years. Troy's attention to detail and dedication to the
conservation of the species has been exemplary and he remains to this date
my supplier of flasks and plantlets thanks to his ability to maintain a very
remarkable variety of species which is what I specialize in my collection.
I would not hesitate to recommend Meyers Conservatory to anyone based on my
personal experience with their service and quality of plantlets.

Hermann Amaya
St. Petersburg, FL
  The Troy Meyers Conservatory is a unique and valuable business; they
provide orchid species seedlings that are otherwise difficult to find. The
number and variety of species is amazing.

My communication with them has always been more than satisfactory:
every email has been direct, timely and professional.

The quality of the plants is great (vigorous and healthy), and the prices
are very reasonable.

The most impressive feature of the service Troy provides is the
meticulous documentation; he provides photos and background info on almost
every pod and pollen parent; he displays historical to current info on every
cross he makes, and provides plant sizes from flask to 2 or 3 year old seedlings.

I am a confirmed, very happy customer.

Robin Erickson
Over the years, I have found Meyers Conservancy to be a very
professionally managed orchid seed flasking service with an excellent
record of producing large, well rooted, seedlings for a reasonable
fee. I have not lost any flasks to contamination despite all my seed
being shipped after having been removed from the capsule.

In addition to performing a indispensable service for orchid
hybridizers, Mr. Meyers propagates orchid species free of charge, and
provides seed donors with a free flask of each species seed donation
he receives. This very altruistic policy benefits the world of orchid
fanciers by reducing the demand for collecting orchids from the wild,
and thus contributing a reduction in the pressures potentially leading
to their extinction.

Despite the demands of managing his business and dealing with many
clients, Mr. Meyers always answers my inquiries promptly and astutely.
I have found him to be fair and considerate in his business dealings,
and his staff to be knowledgeable and responsive also.

It is with sincere gratitude and admiration that I whole-heartedly
recommend Troy Meyers and his Meyers Conservancy staff to all who
would strive to preserve orchid species and/or breed hybrid orchids.


Larry Dighera
  Troy Meyers provides a unique approach to the propagation of orchid
species. I have enormous respect and admiration for this approach to
orchid growing, since it encourages the preservation of species
without regard to their mass appeal as houseplants or the ego-trip of
creating “awardable” flowers and/or selectively breeding for oddities
that may be accompanied by weaknesses. The availability of outcrosses
ensures the preservation of genetic diversity within each species.
For growers like myself, who are more interested in the biology of
orchids than in their "award" potential, genetic diversity is key.
The availability of selfings through Meyers Conservatory is valuable
in this regard since the offspring of different selfings can
eventually be used in outcrosses that may, incidentally, result in
the next spectacular plant. In the mass market of cloned hybrid
orchids, Troy’s work is a refreshing beacon of scientific integrity
and sanity. Let us hope that his operation can withstand the current
disastrous economic conditions to continue this important work.

Ellen Covey, Olympic Orchids
As a Director of the Orchid Conservation Alliance and a member of the AOS
Conservation Committee, I am deeply interested in finding ways to conserve
orchids. The Meyers Conservatory has pioneered a very effective strategy
- propagate orchid species and make the seedlings available at low cost to
the orchid community. The availability of these seedlings not only
assures that the species will persist, at least in cultivation, but also
lessens the demand for wild-collected plants thereby protecting the
habitat. Because Troy flasks the seed at no cost to the owner, many
species growers have been attracted to contribute to this effort. In
addition, this is a well-run, efficient business, making it a pleasure to
work with them. I'm a big fan.

Steven Beckendorf
  I have been supplying the Meyers Conservatory with orchid seed for many years, and have nothing but praise for the efficiency and effectiveness of the service that Troy Meyers offers. The following anecdote will illustrate how truly valuable this service is. In 2004 (after several frustrating years of searching) I finally located the wild population of the then-undescribed Vanda jennae in a remote valley in Sulawesi (Indonesia). This species (with large fragrant candystriped flowers of good shape and texture) is of obvious importance to horticulture, and I knew that once I had described the species it's desirability would put the wild population (only a few thousand plants) at risk. Its fate would almost certainly be the same as that of Phragmipedium kovachii; ie collected to extinction within a very short time. So I arranged for some ripe seed of to Vanda jennae to be sent to the Meyers Conservatory, while simultaneously taking steps to ensure that the population's locality would remain a secret. This strategy appears to have been a success; the wild population of Vanda jennae is still intact, while flask-reared plants (germinated and grown by the Meyers Conservatory, who distributed them at a ridiculously low price) are now in cultivation in the USA, Europe and Asia. The jury may be out on whether or not we can "save the planet", but Troy Meyers certainly played a large part in saving this one incredibly beautiful orchid species.

Peter O'Byrne
I've been very fortunate to have found you and your services. Not only do you have a great selection of seedlings available at your conservatory, but the quality of your seed services is Excellent. Everything we have received from you has exceeded our expectations. We will definitely continue to use Meyers Conservatory for our seed preparation. Can't wait to see the first blooms!

George Crozer
Crozer & Crozer Orchids LLC
  Right from the start, from our first full-of-questions contact with you, you have been 100% delightful, professional and caring to deal with. You explained everything fully and encouraged us to send in our seed pod for our mutual future benefit.

Meyers Conservatory is a great company to do business with!

John Phillips, Spokane WA
My wife and I started buying plants and flasks from Troy Meyers about 4
years ago. The plants and the carefully deflasked seedlings always arrived
healthy and safe even in the dead of winter. About that time we also became
interested in Wisconsin native orchids. We found Troy Meyers to be a
valuable resource for native Wisconsin orchids as well as a talented
flasking service for seeds that we have sent to them. Some native orchid
seeds can be quite difficult to germinate and Troy Meyers has always been an
eager partner in our attempts to propagate and preserve our native orchids.

Richard Baehnman
  I have been participating in the Meyers Conservatory experience since 2003. Participation is the best way for me to describe this relationship since the Conservatory is more like a community rather than just a business. I purchase orchids from many vendors, but Troy’s operation is more like a collaborative extension of my hobby than a customer / business relationship.

Since the Conservatory is set up like a Coop, I also feel like I am collaborating on orchid conservation projects with the other members (whom I have also communicated with directly through the site).

The website is easy to use and promotes data gathering and sharing.

Finally Troy has always been positive and enthusiastic about the seeds that I send, and the flasks and plants that I get in return. He is upfront and honest on what to expect, and I generally get more than I expect from the flasks that I purchase. I highly recommend the Meyers Conservatory for hobby orchid flasking needs.

Richard Lockwood
At Meyers Conservatory they are doing great things for orchids. They have a wonderful selection and excellent customer service !  I have been very happy with the flask I received from them and the shipping. Their website is awesome !

E-van a happy customer
Decatur, GA
  The Meyers Conservatory is a must site for all orchid growers. The information contained in the site is invaluable and Troy's advice and how-to answers make the process of planting your first deflasked seedlings a very simple process.

It is a fascinating site for orchidists to learn, and to order plants that are unusual and frequently rare. I highly recommend Troy's site and his plants, both of which are truly a huge benefit to orchidists and to the conservation of orchid species which otherwise might lost.

Patricia Murray, Chloe's Garden
The Meyers Conservatory is an important contribution to orchid
conservation. The propagation of species orchids and the selling the
flask at a flat low rate regardless of rarity allows everyone to
participate in ex situ orchid conservation. The propagation regardless
of award material increases diversity. Troy and his staff have passion
for what they do that shows in the flasks they produce and their
excellent customer service. I hope that more people will find and
explore his website, buy flasks, and participate in orchid conservation.
My hat is off to Troy Meyers.

Mark Sullivan
Orchid Conservation Coalition
  I purchased a flask from Mr. Meyers at a very reasonable price. The plants were deflasked prior to shipping which I thought was a wonderful idea since I don't have much experience in this process. The plants were carefully packed and arrived in perfect condition. I followed the compot instructions on his website and have a very high survival rate so far. If you look at his website he probably has one of the biggest selections of orchids you can find on the internet. He made this such an easy experience with prior deflasking that I plan to purchase another flask from Mr. Meyers in the future.


Dr. J. Clifton Tinsley (Family Physician)

I am up way too late and should not be typing, according to the occupational
therapist whj is now wi charge of my hand after I crashed and burned on myu
bike on the way home from butterfly world with pupae. I spent a few dayus
(seriousluy, this is the best I can type) in the hospital hiding my pupae
and having surgery. I just want to thank you for your cdompot jig page.
I've read descriptions, but you pics make it perfectly clear.

Again, thanks!


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