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Meyers Conservatory's mission is to provide laboratory-grown orchid species at the lowest possible price in an effort to aid in orchid species conservation. We need your help now to keep doing this.

Since we started in 1999, we've never operated as a for-profit business, instead charging just enough to cover the costs of the flasks we produce and to pay our employees. In November of 2014 we will increase the base price of our flasks to catch up with increasing costs. This should bring us back to charging enough to cover costs, but in the past year we've had to take out a total of $16,000 in loans to maintain operations. After reanalyzing all costs we saw the need for the new higher flask pricing, but still need to pay back the loans. We are calling for donations now to try to expedite this.
October 15-November 15, 2014
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October 15-November 15, 2014
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We are hoping to be able to pay off the operating loans as fast as possible. The new flask pricing will not benefit us for quite a while; we aren't increasing the prices on any existing reservations, and we won't be actually shipping and billing any flasks at the new pricing for many, many months to come. Click to read more about the price increase.

For this reason we want to offer some incentives to donate now rather than later. Until November 15th, if you make a donation of $100 or more, we will can freeze the price of your new flask reservations for about 9 months, until July 31st 2015, to what would have been the price had it been early in 2014. To be clear, even entirely new offerings (most of which will be priced at $40) will be booked at the old price (most $32.50) for all of these donors requesting the price freeze. If you've reserved at the frozen price (available until July 31, 2015), when the flask is ready, you will pay the frozen price even if it isn't ready until after July. Frozen Prices
Freeze the Price!
Volume 1
Volume 1
4 requested
14 remain
As an alternate reward for a $100 donation, we do have a limited number of brand new copies of the out-of-print Volumes 1 and 2 of the The Genus Paphiopedilum - Natural History and Cultivation, color-illustrated books by Braem, Baker and Baker. Your choice of Volume 1 or Volume 2 will be sent to you, with free shipping, until supplies are exhausted.
Volume 2
Volume 2
5 requested
22 remain

If you donate at or above the $100.00 level between October 10th and November 15th 2014, send Troy an email at right away to request any of the three rewards.

If you've ever received wonderful plants from us, or just think that what we are doing is important, please make a monetary donation now, by clicking the Donate button above. Any amount, large --or as small as $1-- will help a lot.

Thank you! -- Troy Meyers

Other ways you can help!
If you already have flasks reserved, opting to have us increase the flask price of your existing reservation to the new pricing will allow us to have the increased needed cash flow sooner rather than later. The increase is about 23%, it varies because some flasks already cost more because of special procedures involved, but most would go from $32.50 to $40.00. If you wish to make this sacrifice, thank you! Email Troy at and ask us to make the change.

Another solution is to increase sales, particularly of ready-to-go flasks and established seedlings, or any item that we will be able to ship relatively soon. If you can encourage friends or society members to purchase from us, both for immediate sales and for long-term relationships, this will give us what we need to survive now and to continue in the future. Please mention us at meetings, on orchid forums, and on your personal web pages.

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