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Meyers Conservatory's mission is to provide laboratory-grown orchid species at the lowest possible price in an effort to aid in orchid species conservation. We need your help now to keep doing this.

Since we started in 1999, we've never operated as a for-profit business, instead charging just enough to cover the costs of the flasks we produce and to pay our employees. Between COVID related losses and a large number of equipment failures (things from 1999, remember?) we've been set back quite a bit this year. Later in 2022 we may increase the base price of our flasks to catch up with increasing costs. This could bring us back to charging enough to cover costs, but in the past year we've had to take out about $10,000 in loans to maintain operations, even after cutting staff and not paying Troy and Phyllis for a while. After reanalyzing all costs we saw the need for the new higher flask pricing, but still need to pay back the loans. We are calling for donations now to try to expedite this.
January 1-June 20, 2024
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2024 Fundraiser January 1-June 20, 2024
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We are hoping to be able to pay off the operating loans as fast as possible. Then if we adopt new flask pricing it will not benefit us for quite a while; we would not be increasing the prices on any existing reservations, and we won't be actually shipping and billing any flasks at the new pricing for many, many months to come.

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