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Flasking Programs
We offer three flasking programs.
Free Flasking Program
Free Assay Flasking Program
Proprietary and Hybrid Program
Free Flasking Program -- Species Only

It's called that because if you qualify you can get your seed germinated and one final-stage flask for free, other than the shipping costs.

If you send species seed of sufficient quantity and quality (enough to eventually yield 4 mature flasks) and supply good photos of the flowers of the parent plant(s) prior to final reflasking, and supply adequate pollination or collection information using an online form shortly after pollination or when you first become a donor, we will sow usually 2 to 4 mother (germination) flasks (circumstances dependent) for free, and if germination occurs this will be reflasked into one or more reflasks. The 1st final-stage flask is yours for free (well, you pay shipping and a flask deposit if applicable) and any further final-stage flasks are usually $40.00 apiece. Final-stage flasks generally have an expected minimum yield of 25 plants, though tough or odd plants may be exceptions in cost or quantity. In addition, flasks are offered to the public through this web site, and any beyond those you reserve may be sold to the public at the same rates. Excess seed is donated to the Orchid Seedbank Project, which is operated by Aaron Hicks.

You don't pay for anything until the final-stage flasks are ready to send to you. You do have to pay shipping (and possibly a flask deposit) on the flasks, though, even the free one.

Free Assay Flasking Program -- Species Only

It's called that because you can have us assay and attempt to germinate your seed for free, but if it does germinate you have to pay for the final-stage flasks.

This is exactly the same program as the Free Flasking Program, but you have to pay for the final-stage flasks when they are ready to ship, even the first one. As above, reporting must be done shortly after pollination or when you first become a donor.

This program is for people who can't supply good photographs of the parent plants or don't have adequate pollination or collection information, or there is very little seed. Photographs are very important for our program, and lacking one makes it difficult to garner interest in the flasks, so we do charge for your first final-stage flask to make up for this difficulty.

Proprietary Flasking Program -- Hybrids and Proprietary Species, and 3rd-Party Seed

For hybrids, or for species that you don't want us to sell to others, and for seed that did not originate from your plants, or was not reported shortly after pollination, use this proprietary program.

In this program you pay $24.00 in advance (non-refundable) for the seed assay and set of mother (germination) flasks, and if germination occurs you are committed to buy at least 3 final-stage flasks, typically with at least 25 plants each, if they can be made. These are usually $40.00 apiece, and you pay half in advance, half when the flasks can be delivered. Unless you specify otherwise, no more flasks than you request will be made, and all mother material will be destroyed once your requirements are fulfilled. You pay for shipping, and a flask deposit if applicable, for all final-stage flasks. In the event of the seed assay indicating that the seed is probably not viable, you have the option of choosing to not have the mother flasks made, and you will receive a $16.00 credit per seed batch.

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