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FAQ: I don't want a whole flask, can I just get one plant?
I don't want a whole flask, can I just get one plant?


Perhaps you are tempted to reserve or purchase a flask, but really don't want as many plants as a flask holds. Eventually we will be offering single seedlings when the new greenhouse is completed, but until then we only have space for flasks.

Consider getting a flask anyway!
By getting a flask, you have a better chance of getting an exceptional plant because you are getting a group of related (sibling) but genetically different plants. Some may be more vigorous in your growing situation, and there will be size and flower color variations. Also, you will be able to share seedlings with your friends or orchid society. In fact, when you receive the flask, you may also receive a list of people who saw the flask on the web site and are interested in getting a plant from YOU. How? Read on...

If you don't get a whole flask, sign up to be on a list of those who want a plant!
If you just don't want a whole flask, there is a form of notification request that you can sign up for that's a bit like a dating service. When you see an item you want, log in if you haven't already, and click on the "Reservation - Request" button, and then by clicking a radio button, you can ask to "Notify the recipients of the flasks" that you are interested in getting one of their plants.


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