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FAQ: How do I make a Wish List in my User Information?

How do I make a Wish List in my User Information?


By supplying the names of the genera and species that you have a particular interest in, we can notify you by email as soon as an item in your Wish List is newly posted on the web site.

Type a list of one word (genus) and two word (species) names into the Wish List field on your User Information page, either separating items by commas, or one item per line, like this:
Masdevallia, Dendrobium, Trichocentrum tigrinum
or this:
Trichocentrum tigrinum

It's as simple as that, but the complete usage description is detailed below. Read on if you have any questions.

If you would like to be notified anytime plants in your favorite genera are listed, just type them in separated by a comma. For example:
Masdevallia, Dendrobium
OR you can list them one per line:

If you are interested in only a few species in a genus, type in the full genus and specific name of each. Place no comma between genus and specific name, but place a comma between each species. For example:
Masdevallia amanda, Dendrobium cyanocentrum, Trichocentrum tigrinum
Masdevallia amanda
Dendrobium cyanocentrum
Trichocentrum tigrinum

If supplying the names of species, each must be prefixed with the genus name even if you are listing a number of species in the same genus. The first word must always be a genus. For example:
Stanhopea saccata, Stanhopea reichenbachiana, Stanhopea wardii
Stanhopea saccata, reichenbachiana, wardii

If you are interested in many species in a genus, rather than listing them all, simply provide the one-word genus name instead, and you will be notified of all new listings in that genus.

Only two-word species names are allowed. Don't specify varieties. For example, if you are interested in Laelia anceps var. guerrero, you must just type Laelia anceps and accept notifications for all of the varieties. Do not type Laelia anceps var. guerrero.

If you decide that you would rather keep your list with one item per line instead of separated by commas, or vice versa, just change the method separating the very first and second items, and submit the form. The list will be reorganized for you.

Correct spelling is essential because the notifications are based on exact name matches. If there is more than one common spelling or synonym, type in both. Do not use abbreviations.

This Wish List provides you notifications in addition to ones requested using the "Notify on Retry" and "Notify Same Species" options that you have placed in Notification Requests and Reservations. If you have already placed such a request, putting the species name in the Wish List is unnecessary.


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