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As of 6 March
2019 we have a
lab Internet
connection, and
we will be work-
ing to catch up
with communcia-

Backup Notice:
Our entire system
backs up in
these time periods:
11:45 PM to 12:05 AM
6:00 AM to 6:30 AM
Noon to 12:30 PM

(all Pacific Time)
It is currently
12:05 AM Pacific.
During these periods the
server may be sluggish.
If this is a problem,
please return later.
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FAQ: My email address has changed, how do I change my registration so that it has the new address?
My email address has changed, how do I change my registration so that it has the new address?

You can just email Troy and ask to have it changed for you, but it's much better if you do it yourself, because if you do your web browser will be better prepared for the change.

To do it yourself, log in using your PRIOR email address, the one that you registered with. The quickest way to the login page if you are not at the site is via:
...but since you are already here, just click on Log In on the Flasking Home Page or in the Navigation Bar.

After logging in, click on "Edit your User Information". This button has a big yellow pencil on it. Then fill in your new email address in the box "Email address", and go to the very bottom of the form and click "Submit Changes".

That will take care of your registration and will also prepare your web browser for your next visit.

When you change your email address in this way, a confirmation email is sent to the OLD address. This is done to let you know that a change has been made in case someone other than you is trying to change your registration.

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