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FAQ: Do you have any flasks that are ready to ship, right now?

Do you have any flasks that are ready to ship, right now?

We don't usually have many. If we do, they are listed in the Ready-To-Go Flasks section.

The reason:   When it's time to move plants from the mother or farm flasks to maturing flasks we only make up as many flasks as are reserved, plus a couple of extras to cover the possibility of a flask or two failing. Then, those extras are often reserved by latecomers. That is the point that the "Waiting list" status occurs. The two ways an item comes off of "Waiting list" are if we can sow more seed, or if someone reneges on their flask reservations. If the latter happens, then we have flasks that are ready to ship.

The best you can do is visit the site frequently and make reservations before the "Waiting list" status occurs. If you visit the "What's New" area, newly germinated items are listed there, so you can see them even if you haven't signed up to be notified.

Also it's very good to check the Rapid Turn-Around Flasks list. These are items that we have already in progress that have enough plants to produce more flasks of.

This are your best opportunities.


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