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Sigmatostalix eliae 'DeChirico' × picta 'Klinger'
Number: TN2054
Name: Sigmatostalix eliae 'DeChirico' × picta 'Klinger'
Type: hybrid    (What's that?)
Seed Donor: Dale Borders
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Pod Parent Flowers
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Pollen Parent Flower
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Pollen Parent Side View of Flower
Culture Notes from Donor: Parent plants: Temperature range I (60-83°F)
Comments: When this cross was made it was thought that both 'Klinger' and 'DeChirico' were Sigmatostalix picta. It was later discovered that 'DeChirico' is S. eliae, so this is an accidental hybrid.

Temperatures we attempt to use in the lab & greenhouse:
For Species:   Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter: days average 76°F, nights 59°F; best fit is Cool-Intermediate 75-58°F (Source: Baker's Web OSC)

About the name...
Etymology of picta   From Latin "pictus" painted or colored. (Source: Brown 1956)
Etymology of Sigmatostalix   From Greek "sigma" C-shaped; "stalix" stake. In reference to the C-shaped, arcuate column. (Source: Pridgeon 1992)
Pronunciation of picta   PIK-ta (Source: Hawkes 1978)
Pronunciation of Sigmatostalix   sig-mat-oh-STAH-lix (Source: Hawkes 1978)
Pronunciation of Sigmatostalix   sig-mat-oh-STAY-lix (Source: Pridgeon 1992)
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Availability: Capsules failed. We were not able to make any flasks.
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