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  Gift Certificates from Meyers Conservatory  
CertificateView Sample Want to give friends or family members orchid plants, but don't know what to choose? It's always tough to know what they already have, or have recently received, or what their current specific interests are.

Meyers Conservatory grows from seed, so is by its nature a place where the orchid lover practices patience, a trait orchid lovers are famous for. But waiting isn't practical for a gift-giver.
A gift certificate is the perfect solution.
Your recipient will get to choose the plant they want now or in the future, and we'll ship it when it's ready and when it's safe.

You will be able to either print and give the gift certificate to your friend or family member, or you can email it. You can even choose the date that it is delivered by email.

Does a gift certificate expire?
No, the gift certificate never expires and can be used more than once if the original selections have not exceeded its value.

How does the recipient redeem a gift certificate?
The gift certificate is redeemed as a store credit to your recipient's Meyers Conservatory account, by your recipient. This is done either by clicking a link in an emailed Gift Certificate, or by keying in a redemption code from a printed Gift Certificate. The credit will be then applied to any purchase made after the redemption. If the credit isn't used up, the recipient can use it again later for another purchase. If your recipient doesn't yet have a Meyers Conservatory account, they will be asked to create one, which is needed both for shipping purposes and for the redemption process.

Create a Gift Certificate
Fill out the information that will be displayed on the Gift Certificate
Giver Name Usually your real name, but could be anything.
Recipient Name Not required, leave blank if you don't know who you are giving it to, such as for a prize. Normally you should fill this in.
Recipient Email Required if you want us to email the certificate.
Gift Message
Delivery Method
Deliver it yourself, either by printing and giving, or emailing a link (we'll provide that).
Have us email it to your recipient.
  Date you want us to send the email (mm/dd/yyyy).
Gift Amount
  This is the face value of the certificate, and is how much it will cost you.
There are no fees in addition to this.
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