This is not a real Gift Certificate, only a sample. Is has no value.

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To:  John Q. Public
Amount: $25.00 USD
From:  Linda Smith
A special note from Linda Smith:
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the orchids!
Redemption Code:
Issue Date:
February 29, 2024
 How to redeem your gift certificate:
  1. Visit
  2. Log in if you already have a Meyers Conservatory account, or if not, follow the steps for registration to create an account.
  3. When prompted, enter your gift certificate redemption code AGBCHDIEJFKL and follow the displayed steps to redeem your gift certificate, which will be placed as a $25.00 credit in your Conservatory account, and can be used to pay for purchases.
 Important Terms:
  1. Gift Certificates are transferable if they do not include a recipient name or email address, and have not been partially or fully redeemed. The recipient or certificate user will be required to set up a Meyers Conservatory account.
  2. Multiple gift certificates can be redeemed on a single purchase. Unused balances may be applied to other purchases.
  3. Gift certificates do not expire and do not accrue maintenance fees.
  4. Meyers Conservatory is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates if redeemed by someone else.
  5. Gift certificates, and credits from gift certificates can only be used for purchases, and cannot be refunded as cash.