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Kefersteinia sp. 'MC2417' × self
Number: TN4151
Name: Kefersteinia sp. 'MC2417' × self
Type: self    (What's that?)
Seed Donor: Nina Rach  (Email:
Donor's home page:
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About the name...
Etymology of Kefersteinia   In honor of Herr Keferstein, German orchid grower during the 19th century. (Source: Pridgeon 1992)
Etymology of sp.   An abbreviation of the word "species," it indicates that based on the provenance of the plant it is believed to be naturally occurring, but the identity is as yet undetermined. (Source: Troy Meyers)
Pronunciation of Kefersteinia   kef-er-STINE-ee-ah (Source: Pridgeon 1992)
Pronunciation of sp.   Here, we say "spuh" rather than "species" to convey without explanation that it's an unidentified species. (Source: Troy Meyers)
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Flask Information
Availability: There were problems with this item and we weren't able to make any viable flasks.
You should: Consider placing a "Notify Retries" Request, and if an identical pollination (the same parents) is done again, we'll let you know.
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