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Trichocentrum tigrinum 'Raspberry Musk'
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Blooming Plant
Marianna Max
Marianna Max

Comments: This moderate-sized species, with thickened leaves and very small pseudobulbs, comes from Ecuador and Northern Peru. It has been reported to be difficult to grow and bloom, but my plant has faithfully flowered every year. Fragrant with the smell of dusty raspberries on a hot day.
Donor's culture notes: Temperature range W (70-90°F). Requires lots of water and warm temperatures when in active growth but should be kept dry if the temperature goes below 60°F. This species is reportedly hard to grow and flower and is prone to rot. I grow mine mounted horizontally and it receives bright light.
Unique ID: MC877
(this will not change even if any part of the name should change)

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Propagation Efforts Involving This Plant
TN2086 'Raspberry Musk' × self (Pol. Oct 2000) -- Seed not viable- failed more info
TN2820 'Raspberry Musk' × self (Pol. Oct 2001) -- Capsules failed more info
TN2951 'Waterfall' × 'Raspberry Musk' (Pol. Jan 2002) -- Flasks sold out: flask info

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