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Phalaenopsis tetraspis '#C1'
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Comments: Small plant. Unusual unstable color pattern varying between solid red and solid white on differing flower segments and on the same set of flowers.
Donor's culture notes: Warm 90-70°F, cooler season Warm-Intermediate 87-64°F. Potted in an open, moist medium: 1/3 fir bark, 1/3 aliflor, 1/3 chopped sphagnum moss. Plants, like this one, can begin flowering in 2.5 inch pots. But until the plant is well established, keep plant in the warmer temperature range, ~75-78°F, humid,~70% relative humidity, especially during the winter season. Mature plant may be treated as warm, moist growing Phalaenopsis with otherwise unremarkable culture requirements. It will grow in shady conditions but light levels below the yellowing or burning of leaves produces better flowering. More red color results from temperatures in the warmer range.
Unique ID: MC6043
(this will not change even if any part of the name should change)

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TN7305 '#C1'

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