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Calopogon tuberosus 'MC3524'
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Randal K. Thomas

Comments: Small plant.
Donor's culture notes: Hardy plants. Pot in 1/2 sand, 1/2 sphagnum peat, with some charcoal chips. I use coarse sand and milled long fiber sphagnum. Plant the corms about 1 inch below the surface. Grow in full sun, keep wet (bog conditions-- my 6" pots sit in 1 to 2 inches of purified or distilled water). After the leaves have died back in the fall, remove from the pot, trim off last year's corm, and dip in a fungicide (I use Consan-20). Put the corms in damp/wet sand in plastic bag and refrigerate for 3-4 months (35-40°F).
Unique ID: MC3524
(this will not change even if any part of the name should change)

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Propagation Efforts Involving This Plant
TN5386 'MC3524' × sib 'MC3525' (Pol. Jul 2005) -- Flasks sold out: flask info

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