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  Cultivar Details for
Neofinetia falcata var. Syutenno 'John's Sparky' AM/AOS
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Blooming Plant

Comments: Newly awarded Pink Neofinetia. The photos don't do the flowers justice! Hot pink tips on petals and sepals, hot pink spurs, panicle described as eggplant. This plant was awarded for it's exceptional color. Quite floriferous and temperature tolerant. Neofinetias can take temps down to 40°F in winter, up to 90°F in summer. The fragrance is one of the best in the orchid world-- described as vanilla, jasmine... I think they smell like shortbread cookies. Strong enough to scent an entire room... but not cloying or obnoxious. The spring flowers can last up to 2 months, they are quite substantial, with sparkly texture. Putting out 1 to 2 new growths per fan, they quickly reach specimen size... Very expensive to buy as mature plants... they are usually priced PER GROWTH! Neofinetias bloom as small plants and can be grown on the windowsill. Miniature.
Donor's culture notes: Temperature range I (60-83°F)
Unique ID: MC3019
(this will not change even if any part of the name should change)

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Propagation Efforts Involving This Plant
TN4823 'John's Sparky' AM/AOS × self (Pol. May 2004) -- Flasks sold out: flask info
TN4850 'John's Sparky' AM/AOS -spontaneous (Pol. May 2004) -- Flasks sold out: flask info

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