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  Cultivar Details for
Laelia anceps 'Dawson'
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David R Janvrin

Comments: Obtained long ago as an established importation from an area near Chiapas, Mexico. This has the best color I have seen in a Laelia anceps, and wide petals for the species, though the flowers are somewhat smaller and rarely open fully. Typically 2 flowers per inflorescence. Medium-sized plant. Inflorescences typically initiate in early fall & take 4 months to bloom on a stiff, upright spike up to 1 meter tall with up to 4 (rarely 5) flowers per inflorescence.
Donor's culture notes: Temperature range W (70-90°F). For me, in South Carolina, it grows best with nearly full sun & plenty of water and fertilizer through the summer (for me, hanging outside in light shade) and can remain outdoors through light frost. After growth slows, limited water, no fertilizer and moderate light are all that is required.
Unique ID: MC2033
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Propagation Efforts Involving This Plant
TN3644 'Dawson' × 'C&H' (Pol. Jan 2003) -- Capsule failed more info
TN3645 'Dawson' × self (Pol. Jan 2003) -- Seed not viable- failed more info
TN3646 'Dawson' × 'Oakhill' (Pol. Jan 2003) -- Capsule failed more info

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