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  Cultivar Details for
Trichoglottis acutifolia 'Harbinger #1'
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Comments: This plant represents a newly rediscovered species of Trichoglottis closely related to Trichoglottis bipunctata. It is of unknown origin, but is most likely from Peninsular Thailand or Peninsular Burma. My plant is about 1.5 feet tall with five small branches.
Donor's culture notes: Temperature range I (60-83°F). This plant is very easy to grow and flower. It currently resides on a south-southeast facing windowsill, where it receives morning light. I would say it grows similar to a Phalaenopsis, but with more light. I stake my plant so it grows upright.
Unique ID: MC1683
(this will not change even if any part of the name should change)

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Propagation Efforts Involving This Plant
TN3160 'Harbinger #1' × self (Pol. Apr 2002) -- Capsule failed more info

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