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from the Bakers
  The origin and habitat information given by the Bakers is based on the name of the plant provided by the donor, Myrmecophila tibicinis, and assumes that the name is correct. If the plant has been misidentified, then the information may not be correct.

The information given is an excerpt from the Bakers' culture sheet on Schomburgkia tibicinis Bateman which covers Myrmecophila tibicinis (Bateman) Rolfe as a synonym or subspecies.

Charles and Margaret Baker have written an extensive library of orchid species culture sheets which are available at low cost, $1.00 (US Dollars) per sheet or less, when you sign up for 10 or more culture sheets. The Bakers' culture sheet service at is separate from Meyers Conservatory, but we are closely associated with them and highly recommend the sheets. The Bakers use our computers to provide the culture sheets to the public, so we do have a financial interest in their operation. We do not share client lists, however.

Culture sheets from the Bakers typically have a number of sections, "AKA" where synonyms and clarifications of similar species are detailed, the ORIGIN/HABITAT as you have seen, a CLIMATE TABLE, a month-to-month record from the habitat of some or all of these data: day and night temperatures, rainfall, humidity, and blooming, Cultural Recommendations including descriptions of LIGHT, TEMPERATURES, HUMIDITY, WATER, FERTILIZER, REST PERIOD, and GROWING MEDIA. Plant and Flower Information including PLANT SIZE AND TYPE and other descriptions of various plant parts, usually including the flowers, are given. The REFERENCES and PHOTOS/DRAWINGS sections list other sources to investigate.

To read about the "Culture On Demand" culture sheet subscription program, please visit the Bakers' web site and read the page Culture On Demand - Orchid Species Culture Sheets. That page provides links to their signup form as well as to some free sample culture sheets.

Note that you must sign up for their program to receive any emailed culture sheets, but the first 2 sheets you order are sent to you prior to you sending any payment, for your evaluation. If you don't feel the sheets are what you wanted, you don't have to pay, and you won't receive any more sheets.

The culture sheet on Schomburgkia tibicinis Bateman which covers Myrmecophila tibicinis (Bateman) Rolfe is available from the Bakers.

As a convenience, you may order the sheet directly from this web page.

If you are already a subscriber of the Bakers' Culture On Demand service, then the sheet will be delivered to you within a few hours.
If you are not yet a subscriber, then this sheet order will be recorded, but you won't receive anything until you sign up for the service.

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