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FAQ: What is a Waiting List, and why should I still reserve flasks?
What is a Waiting List, and why should I still reserve flasks if there is one?

If there is a Waiting List for flasks, that means that more people have signed up for flasks than we think we can supply, based on our current yield estimates.

THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULDN'T RESERVE a flask, though. If there is a waiting list, we do everything we can to increase yield (the simplest of which is just sowing more seed if we have it), and it is very, very common for everyone who requested a flask to get one, even though there was a waiting list at the time they signed up. Another reason that you might get a flask is that someone ahead of you in the list drops out, also common.

If you want the species, it is important to reserve flasks even if there is a waiting list. If you don't you certainly won't get a flask, and until we see your reservation we won't try to increase the yield.

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