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Many Thanks

Many thanks to the people who made our flasking programs a reality and this web site a great place to visit.

Foremost, Dale Borders supplied the initial inspiration and daily enthusiasm and encouragement, not to mention daily work pollinating, photographing, and recording hundreds of plants in his collection, many of which are now available to you for reservation in flask.

Equally creditable, Aaron Hicks taught me nearly everything I know about flasking, and his generousity with time, information, and materials has made our flasking programs efficient and successful.

By a twist of fate, meeting Gernot Bergold set this entire project in motion, and without him it would likely never have been attempted.

Thanks to the people who tested this web site during construction, and who made many helpful suggestions:
Gideon Singer (especially!)
Dan & Marla Nikirk
Scott McPhee
Nina Rach

Thanks to Judith Orach, my local USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine Officer, who is helping me solve the mysteries of orchid exportation.

And finally, thanks to Bill Schneider of Countryside Orchids, my first commercial customer, who besides giving me his trust, also improved our cash flow.


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