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International Issues
Shipping Flasks out of the USA

Shipping flasks out of the USA involves extra costs and difficulties.

Because the total cost per flask depends greatly upon how many flasks will be ready to ship at one time, we freely allow our international customers to reserve flasks, but cancel them if it proves to be uneconomical at the time the flask or flasks are ready.

THE RISKS of flask shipment
Compared to shipping unflasked and bagged seedlings as we are allowed to do in the USA, there is a higher mortality rate of plants when shipped in the flask with gelled medium, as is required by CITES regulations. This is probably caused by the roughness of transport and the plants being beaten by the medium in the airspace of the flask. Unfortunately, if the plants are killed, we cannot take financial responsibility. You must decide if it is worth the risk.

THE COSTS of flask shipment
The estimated costs must be paid in advance. Adjustments to actually shipping cost may later be billed. Flasks will be shipped by Express Mail International (EMS). Each individual 500 ml flask and its packaging weighs about 22 ounces (0.625 Kg). The shipping cost can be estimated by visiting the USPS web site: ...provide the total weight based on the number of flasks in your list, and then in the next pages select Express Mail International (EMS). In addition to the shipping cost there will be a handling charge of US $5.40 for the packaging material and shipping paperwork.

THE COSTS of the Phytosanitary Certificate
Most countries require that imported plants arrive with a Phytosanitary Certificate from the country of origin (the USA) that the plants are healthy and pest-free. We must pay to have a government inspector do the inspection and provide the paperwork. The additional charge to you is US $180.00 (price increase by WSDA extended October 2017) for the Phytosanitary Certificate. If your country does not require this certificate, then our inspector will determine this and we will not charge you for it.

Your country may require that YOU have an import permit. Not all countries require this, and some countries, though they require it, may not charge you for it. If it is required, we need to have a copy of your import permit in advance to enclose with the shipment. It is up to YOU to obtain the permit if it is needed. Our inspector will tell us if it is thought to be necessary for your country, and if so, we will not ship anything until you have provided the copy of the import permit.


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