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  About the New Pricing of November 2014  
Conservatory Flask Price Increases
Year Flask Price Percent Increase Cumulative
2001 $ 22.50 - -
2004 $ 29.50 31% 31%
2008 $ 32.50 10% 44%
2014 $ 40.00 23% 78%
Meyers Conservatory's mission is to provide large quantities of laboratory-grown orchid species at the lowest possible price in an effort to aid in orchid species conservation.

Since we started in 1999, we've never operated as a for-profit business, instead charging just enough to cover the costs of the flasks we produce and to pay our employees.

We have increasing priced slightly throughout history to compensate for increased costs. We have met this time again.
Improvements and Expenses
In the last few years we have made some upgrades to our lab to improve our seedling quality and our efficiency, without raising prices. More than ever we have been able to fulfill all flask requests where there was enough viable seed. These upgrades included:
  • Clean growing room (Increased capacity, reduction of contamination)
  • LED lighting to reduce power usage, increase flask density
  • Polypropylene flask lids with vents (the Band-Aids we used to use were no longer available)
  • Solar panels to reduce carbon footprint
  • 3D printing for custom specialized lab equipment at a minimal cost
  • Software and hardware upgrades to increase efficiency in production and documenting our research
  • Automation of processes in the lab and greenhouse
3D-Printed Custom Lab Equipment 3D-printed custom lab and greenhouse parts and equipment
While some of these things have reduced costs, or even produced a net positive cash flow (the power savings with the solar panels and LEDs are more per month than our finance charges!) other costs have gone up. Supplies that we cannot operate without have become more expensive.
Ten Years Ago Now Percent
Banana Powder $ 37.50 $ 50.65 35%
Agar $ 68.75 $ 96.25 40%
New Flask Pricing
Flask Racks in Clean Room A corner of the new clean growing room Even with our changes and improvements we've discovered that we have been providing flasks below our cost. During the past two years we've needed to get $16,000 in loans to continue operation, and after reviewing the budget it became clear that flask prices must increase.

For most flasks the price will go from $32.50 to $40.00. This will only apply to new reservations placed after November 1st, 2015. Existing reservations will NOT have a price change.

Read about freezing the price of new reservations by donating before 11/15/2014
To make sure our new pricing remains well below flask prices elsewhere, we did some research and found the following information:
  Plants Per
Price Per
Price Per
Average price of other orchid flask companies* 23 $ 89.50 $ 4.15 Prices change depending on species offered
Typical § Meyers Conservatory early 2014 25 $ 32.50 $ 1.30 Price stays consistent regardless of species
Typical Meyers Conservatory late 2014 25 $ 40.00 $ 1.60 23% increase to help cover current costs
*Survey of Internet-offered flasks September 2014, average of findings
§Some Conservatory flasks are higher priced if more steps are needed
We appreciate the part you play in what we consider a cooperative effort, and thank you for supplying seed and further growing and distributing plants. We hope that the new pricing is not too much of a hardship, because it is necessary for our continued work.

Ways you can help!
If you already have flasks reserved, opting to have us increase the flask price of your existing reservation to the new pricing will allow us to have the increased needed cash flow sooner rather than later. The increase is about 23%, it varies because some flasks already cost more because of special procedures involved, but most would go from $32.50 to $40.00. If you wish to make this sacrifice, thank you! Email Troy at and ask us to make the change.

Another way is to donate funds. This will help use immediately, rather than in the distant future, which is when the price increase will start helping. Also, if you donate above a certain level, we offer a price freeze or a limited number of books as rewards. Click to read about donations.

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