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  Seeds of TN2506 Eurychone rothschildiana '#2' × '#1'  
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Incoming seed is examined to determine embryo count to help decide how much seed should be sown, and/or which capsule would be the best to sow. Permanent sample slides are also prepared. Each separate package of seed is examined because these are generally from separate capsules, which is what we request from our donors.

Number of capsules harvested:  1

Seed Assay Number:   1000
Packet Code Number:   1A01000MI
Harvest date:   06/13/2001
Received as:   Dry seed
Date Received:   06/18/2001
Number of Capsules Combined:   1
Comments:   Seed is dark brown to the naked eye, and coarse. Moderately small seeds are windsock shaped, irregularly curved, and have moderately small sized elongated embryos centrally located which are 2/3 the length of the seed. Many of the embryos are pale and slightly transparent.
Seeds that appeared to have
good embryos, by count:
Seed Photo

Photographed with transmitted light.

Scale  Scale Rule  1 mm or 0.040 inches  
Photo by Lacey Powell
Seed Photo

Photographed with reflected light.

Scale  Scale Rule  1 mm or 0.040 inches  
Photo by Lacey Powell

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