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Pleurothallis doucetteana 'Ecuagenera' × (Holotype)
Number: TN8877
Name: Pleurothallis doucetteana 'Ecuagenera' × (Holotype)
Type: outcross    (What's that?)
Seed Donor: Dr. Alfonso Miguel Doucette
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Pod Parent Flowers
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Pollen Parent Flower
Culture Notes from Donor: Pollen parent plant: Temperature range Intermediate 83-60°F, cooler season Cool-Cold 64-44°F.
Comments: Pollen parent plant: Easy to grow. Long blooming season between spring and fall. Mounted on a cedar shingle with sphagnum

Temperatures we attempt to use in the lab & greenhouse:
For Species:   Spring, Summer, Autumn: days average 83°F, nights 60°F; best fit is Intermediate 83-60°F (Source: A. M. Doucette pers comm)
For Species:   Winter: days average 64°F, nights 44°F; best fit is Cool-Cold 64-44°F (Source: A. M. Doucette pers comm)

About the name...
Etymology of Pleurothallis   From Greek "pleurothallos" riblike branches. (Source: Pridgeon 1992)
Pronunciation of Pleurothallis   plu-ro-THAL-lis (Source: Pridgeon 1992)
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ESTABLISHED SEEDLINGS of these are not currently available, but we have some maturing in the greenhouse and expect to offer them in the future. There are 6 items with 1 plant per item that will be considered for sale later.

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