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Dilomilis montana 'DR1' × 'DR2'
Number: TN8237
Name: Dilomilis montana 'DR1' × 'DR2'
Type: outcross    (What's that?)
Seed Donor: Dr. Alfonso Miguel Doucette
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Pod Parent Flowers
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Pollen Parent Flower
Culture Notes from Donor: Pod parent plant: Temperature range Cool-Intermediate 75-58°F, cooler season Cool-Cold 64-44°F. Mounted on a cedar shingle with a layer of sphagnum.
Comments: Very rare in cultivation. Represents important phylogenetic lineage within the Pleurothallidinae. Plants legally collected and imported from Dominican Republic for research on systematics and biogeography of the Pleurothallidinae at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Botany Department, by Alfonso Doucette.

Pod parent plant: Plants up to a meter tall, produces shoots that branch to create shrub-like plant. Large plant. Grows like a reed-stem Epidendrum.

Temperatures we attempt to use in the lab & greenhouse:
For Species:   Spring, Summer, Autumn: days average 75°F, nights 58°F; best fit is Cool-Intermediate 75-58°F (Source: A. M. Doucette pers comm)
For Species:   Winter: days average 64°F, nights 44°F; best fit is Cool-Cold 64-44°F (Source: A. M. Doucette pers comm)
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ESTABLISHED SEEDLINGS of these are not currently available, but we have some maturing in the greenhouse and expect to offer them in the future. There are 5 items with 1 plant per item that will be considered for sale later.

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