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Coelogyne (?) sp. (India) -spontaneous
Number: TN8759
Name: Coelogyne (?) sp. (India) -spontaneous
Type: spontaneous    (What's that?)
Seed Donor: Shayne Chandler  (Email:
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Pod Parent Plant in Habitat
Comments: Parent plant: A high-elevation plant in India. A nice 2-inch pseudobulb, 3-inch pair of leaves. Cliff-side rhizome.

About the name...
Etymology of Coelogyne   From latinized Greek "koilos" hollow, cavity; "gyne" woman, womb, stigma. The column is frontally hollow. (Source: Mayr & Schmucker 1998)
Etymology of sp.   An abbreviation of the word "species," it indicates that based on the provenance of the plant it is believed to be naturally occurring, but the identity is as yet undetermined. (Source: Troy Meyers)
Pronunciation of Coelogyne   see-LAW-ji-nee (Source: Hawkes 1978)
Pronunciation of sp.   Here, we say "spuh" rather than "species" to convey without explanation that it's an unidentified species. (Source: Troy Meyers)
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Flask Information
Availability: We have approximately 90 plants in intermediate-stage flasks available for immediate reflasking for you. Because the plants are already so far along, these flasks will take a relatively short time to mature.
You should: Reserve a flask now so that we can make it for you. If you don't reserve, the plants won't be reflasked.
Yield Estimate: 466 plants (based on flask surveys done 08/07/2019 through 06/17/2021)
Yield estimates are only approximate, but may appear to be fairly exact numbers because they are a combination of large rough estimates in remaining mother flasks and more accurate small estimates in reflasks.
Plantlet Sizes: From many flasks 5 - 80 mm plants (based on flask surveys done 08/07/2019 through 06/17/2021)
From one most recently surveyed flask 10 - 50 mm (06/17/2021)
Expected Flask Price: $40.00 per flask of 25 (min.) plants
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