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Bulbophyllum aff. Elizabeth Ann 'Clack' × rothschildianum 'Baker's Chant'
Number: TN8330
Name: Bulbophyllum aff. Elizabeth Ann 'Clack' × rothschildianum 'Baker's Chant'
(Acquired incorrectly named as Bulbophyllum rothschildianum 'Clack' x 'Baker's Chant')
Type: hybrid    (What's that?)
Seed Donor: Michael Novotny
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Pod Parent Inflorescences
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Pod Parent Flowers
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Pod Parent Flowers
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Pollen Parent Inflorescence
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Pollen Parent Closeup of Flowers
Comments: This was originally listed as an outcross: Bulbophyllum rothschildianum 'Clack' x 'Baker's Chant'. Later, Charles Wilson determined that the capsule parent is a hybrid, likely Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann, which is the primary hybrid B. longissimum x B. rothschildianum. Therefore the offspring are likely only 3/4 rothschildianum. The photos presented have always reflected the parent plants.

About the name...
Etymology of aff.   An abbreviation of the latin word "affinis," it indicates that the plant resembles the mentioned species. This could be because it is the species or is closely related to it. (Source: Troy Meyers)
Etymology of Bulbophyllum   From Greek "bolbos" bulb; "phyllon" leaf. (Source: Pridgeon 1992)
Etymology of rothschildianum   Named for the banker family Rothschild, supporters of orchidology. Several members of the family owned famous orchid collections in the 19th century. (Source: Mayr & Schmucker 1998)
Pronunciation of Bulbophyllum   bul-bo-FILL-um (Source: Pridgeon 1992)
Pronunciation of rothschildianum   roths-child-ee-AH-num (Source: Hawkes 1978)
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Flask Information
Availability: We have 2 uncommitted flasks ready for immediate shipment, and no flasks that will be ready later.
You should: Order a flask now for immediate shipment. If you wait, the ready-to-go flasks may be taken.
Yield Estimate: 698 plants (based on flask surveys done 12/20/2017 through 02/22/2019)
Yield estimates are only approximate, but may appear to be fairly exact numbers because they are a combination of large rough estimates in remaining mother flasks and more accurate small estimates in reflasks.
Plantlet Sizes: From many flasks 5 - 60 mm plants (based on flask surveys done 12/20/2017 through 03/11/2020)
From one most recently surveyed flask 20 - 60 mm (03/11/2020)
Expected Flask Price: $46.75 per flask of 25 (min.) plants
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