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Himantoglossum hircinum 'MC4046' -spontaneous
Number: TN5821
Name: Himantoglossum hircinum 'MC4046' -spontaneous
Type: spontaneous    (What's that?)
No Photos Available
Culture Notes from Donor: Parent plant: Temperature range C (52-70°F)
Comments: Parent plant: Medium-sized plant.

About the name...
Etymology of Himantoglossum   From latinized Greek "himas, himantos" strap, "glossa" tongue; from the strap-like lip. (Source: Mayr & Schmucker 1998)
Etymology of hircinum   From Latin "hircinus" stinking like a male goat. (Source: Mayr & Schmucker 1998)
Pronunciation of Himantoglossum   hi-man-toe-GLOS-um (Source: Hawkes 1978)
Pronunciation of hircinum   HIR-si-num (Source: Hawkes 1978)
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Flask Information
Availability: There were problems with this item and we weren't able to make any viable flasks.
You should: Consider placing a "Notify Retries" Request, and if an identical pollination (the same parents) is done again, we'll let you know.
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