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Laeliopsis domingensis 'MC108' × self
Number: TN2667
Name: Laeliopsis domingensis 'MC108' × self
Type: self    (What's that?)
Seed Donor: Dale Borders
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Pod Parent Flowers
Culture Notes from Donor: Parent plant: Temperature range I (60-83°F)
For additional origin/habitat information supplied courtesy of Charles and Margaret Baker, see further below, near the bottom of this page.

Temperatures we attempt to use in the lab & greenhouse:
For Species:   Spring, Summer, Autumn: days average 87°F, nights 72°F; best fit is Warm 90-70°F (Source: Baker's Web OSC)
For Species:   Winter: days average 84°F, nights 66°F; best fit is Warm-Intermediate 87-64°F (Source: Baker's Web OSC)

About the name...
Etymology of Laeliopsis   From latinized Greek "opsis" looking like; from the similarity to species of the genus Laelia. (Source: Mayr & Schmucker 1998)
Pronunciation of domingensis   do-min-GEN-sis (Source: Hawkes 1978)
Pronunciation of Laeliopsis   lye-lee-OP-sis (Source: Hawkes 1978)
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The origin/habitat information below is supplied courtesy of Charles and Margaret Baker

The following information is based on the name of the plant provided by the donor, and assumes that the name is correct. If the plant has been misidentified, then the following information may not be correct.
This text is copyrighted by the Bakers and may not be reproduced without permission.

ORIGIN/HABITAT: Hispaniola and Mona Island. Plants were first found in the lowlands on the southwestern side of the Island of Hispaniola near Santo Domingo and were later found near Mirogoane, Haiti, and on the small Mona Island, which lies between Hispaniola and Puerto Rico off the southeast coast of Hispaniola. Moir (1978), reported finding plants in the dry, desertlike region by Lake Enriquillo, which is close to the Haitian border in the extreme southwestern part of the Dominican Republic. In the past, because of misidentifications of Cattleyopsis lindenii (Lindley) Cogniaux, plants have been erroneously reported to occur in Cuba and the Bahama Islands. In similar fashion, the species reported in Jamaica was probably based on an incorrect identification of Broughtonia negrilensis Fowlie.
More about this information and the Bakers...

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